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GlassKote Process


Back in the 1950’s, a rudimentary color coating process for glass was developed. After exhaustive testing and much trial and error, the GlassKote™ process was born.

The GlassKote™ process is fundamentally a permanent, color fixing process for glass.

Colour Matching Technology

The process utilizes current paint computer color matching technology combined with a unique additive that can be efficiently applied to almost every type of glass.

Limitless Design Options

Add to this a range of textures such as metallic, fluorescent, opaque and translucent along with the ability to screen any graphics onto the glass, the sky is the limit.

Final Stage

Once the color treatment on glass, or sometime referred to “back-painted glass”, has been applied, it melds to the surface of the glass to form an impervious and durable surface, which retains the fullness of the color applied.

Glass Types

Technically, GlassKote™ can be applied to any glass type whether it be, heat resistant, laminated, safety, toughened or specialty glass with raised patterns shapes or styles.


The inherent durability and waterproof nature of glass cannot be understated. Glass requires less maintenance and outlasts most current architectural finishes. Glass is easy to clean and doesn’t harbor germs or bacteria as well as offering structural strength, durability and it is also non-porous.

Benefits of GlassKote

The real benefits of the GlassKote™ Process are the almost unlimited pallet of colors available and its multitude of applications. The product is now used as external architectural features of buildings, design features of interiors such as foyers and feature wall trims, splash backs in the kitchen and bathrooms and as a substitute for tiles in wet areas.

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