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BRG (Bullet Resistant Glass)

Bulletproof glass, also known as ballistic glass or bullet-resistant glass, is a type of glass designed to withstand the impact of bullets and other ballistic threats. It is composed of multiple layers of glass and plastic laminates, which are fused together using special adhesives. The layers alternate between glass and thermoplastic materials, such as polycarbonate, to create a strong and resistant barrier.

Bulletproof glass comes in various levels of protection, which are classified based on the standards set by organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). These levels indicate the glass’s ability to withstand different types of ammunition and the velocity of projectiles. The higher the level, the greater the resistance to ballistic threats.

It’s important to note that while bulletproof glass can provide protection against projectiles, it may have limitations. It can be vulnerable to repeated or sustained attacks, heavy artillery, or high-velocity rounds. Additionally, bulletproof glass does not provide protection against other forms of threats such as explosions, fire, or physical force.

The design and installation of bulletproof glass should be performed by professionals with expertise in security systems and materials to ensure proper functionality and effectiveness.

It is commonly used in various applications, including:

Security and Law Enforcement: Bulletproof glass is utilized in police stations, banks, government buildings, and other high-security facilities to protect personnel and valuable assets from armed attacks. It can be used in windows, doors, counters, and security booths.

Vehicles: Armored vehicles, including military vehicles, cash-in-transit trucks, and VIP vehicles, often incorporate bulletproof glass for protection against gunfire and explosive devices.

Retail and Jewelry Stores: High-end retail establishments and jewelry stores may employ bulletproof glass to safeguard valuable merchandise and prevent robberies.

Public Spaces: Some public spaces, such as airports, train stations, and stadiums, may feature bulletproof glass in specific areas to enhance security and protect against potential threats.

BRG Bullet Resistant Glass

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