Looking to revamp your kitchen, bathroom or office with an exciting new look?

Picture ultra-clear glass bathed in luminous, reflective colors.

Colored glass enhances the sleek, clean style of modern homes and commercial spaces, adding a touch of elegance when blended into traditional interiors. This versatile product introduces a new design alternative to tile, laminate, granite, marble and even wood applications.

We create Back Painted Glass with rich and beautiful color. Our process incorporates the most advanced technology, allowing us to deliver you with endless possibilities. We can reproduce the exact same color with our spot-on technology, just give us a paint swatch. Brighten a room with color using back painted glass.

Glass Splashback

We Manufacture and install and offer a 10 year warranty on paint adhesio


From kitchen backsplashes to just about anywhere tile is installed on walls, back painted glass can add brilliant color, shine and sophistication without the high maintenance of grout lines. Transform ordinary walls into stunning interiors with Back Painted Glass.
Widely popular in Europe, reverse and back painted glass is the perfect alternative to traditional tile, paint, and wallpaper, offering a custom glass finish that is modern, clean, seamless, vibrant, and hygienic.

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